Will Ohio bats in the attic have a nest of babies?

Canton bats are interesting flying mammals found almost everywhere on the planet. They are the only mammals capable of a true sustained flight as opposed to other flying creatures like the squirrels, colugos and some possums do. There are different species of bats with the Chiroptera order being subdivided into Mega-bats that mostly feed on fruits and Micro-bats which are echo locating. Bats do not really have nets and so the next time you find them in your attic; they are mostly females as they live in colonies and they come to your building to have their babies.

Each female Canton bat gives life to only one baby commonly known as the pup. Some can give birth to a maximum of three pups but this is entirely based on the species. During the reproduction time, the female bats which live in large groups commonly known as maternity colonies will definitely cluster in your attic. Due to the fact that one female gives birth to only one pup; it is impossible for the bat in the attic to have a nest of babies. The numerous pups in your attic are a result of the female maternity colonies that give birth at the same period.

The reproduction for these pups happens around the summer period especially during the month of May though sometimes it may vary depending on the species, geographical location and the local climate as well. During this time, the pups are unable to fly out to look for food and they entirely depend on the mothers for their survival. Dependency goes on to approximately six months hence they will remain in the roost as their mothers look out for food for them.

Since the pups are flightless, it only means that your attic will be home for them for the entire dependency period. During this maternity period, you are not allowed to remove the bats from the attic as it may trap the pups inside the attic. Some people try to seal all entry points for the mother bats to avoid their coming back to the attic. The mother bats have a memory of where to find their pups and therefore fly within the vicinity where their young ones are to find them. It’s irritating when they fly through any open space within the building to find their young ones and this is the reason you are not allowed to expel them away.

It’s important to understand that the bat family do not necessarily have nets and the next time you find them in your attic, it’s purely for the reproduction process. In addition, the pups are tiny creatures which can fit in cracks within your building. If you prevent their mother from feeding them, you will have so many tiny pups die in the attic or within the walls of your building. This will result in a bad stench and can even result in infestation of microorganisms. The next time you want to eliminate them is to wait for the maternity period to be over and seal out all the entry points to prevent them from coming back.

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